Special Appropriations Funding


Below are the official rules and regulations for requesting funds from the Associated Students of the University of Washington directly out of the ASUW Bylaws. Please read this before applying.

*The 2015-2016 Special Appropriations Committee has established a limit on the amount of funding an RSO can request for the year.  A RSO may request up to $3,000 for the year.  This amount can be used for more than one event, but the total of all requests will not exceed $3,000.


SECTION 10: Special Appropriations General Policy

A. The Board of Directors shall make an annual appropriation of no less than $30,000 for use in program funding for Registered Student Organizations throughout the fiscal year. No expenditure from this fund shall occur unless reviewed by the Special Appropriations Committee, unless the Committee is unable to meet to review the request.

B. Only Registered Student Organizations shall be eligible for funding from the Special Appropriations Fund.

C. Appropriations will be made in the form of a co-sponsorship, a shared financial obligation between ASUW and other sponsors. Other sponsors include another Registered Student Organization, University department, or off-campus organization.

D. The criteria and procedures utilized by the Special Appropriations Committee shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, or physical mental handicap.

E. The ASUW Special Appropriations Committee shall use the following general funding priorities when making funding recommendations and decisions, as delineated in Article V, Section 11 of these Bylaws:

1. Preference will be given to events demonstrating a wideness of appeal;

2. Preference will be given to events directed primarily at UW students;

3. Preference will be given to organizations demonstrating a history of success in putting on well-attended events;

4. Preference will be given to organizations which have pursued other sources of funding, as through requests to university departments and fundraises; and

5. Preference will be given to items in requests that are essential to the event’s success (i.e. room requests, appropriate publicity materials, etc.)

F. Any change in an event which alters its objectives or the way in which the objectives are sought as described at the time of the appropriations, must have approval of a majority of the Special
Appropriations Committee in order to retain funding.

G. All unspent appropriations made to Registered Student Organizations expire at the end of the ASUW fiscal year.

H. No contracts or subsidiary arrangements shall be made by Registered Student Organizations which in any sense remove control or accountability of all income and expenses from the ASUW without written approval of the Finance and Budget Director. Approval of such by the Finance and Budget Director shall be reported to the Special Appropriations Committee and to the Board of Directors at the next regular meeting of each group.

I. For requests less than or equal to $1,001, the Special Appropriations Committee may allocate fundsfrom the Special Appropriations Fund. These decisions shall be reported to the Board of Directors at its next regular meeting, at which time the decisions from the Special Appropriations Committee can be repealed, amended, or postponed. The Special Appropriations decision becomes final and official if the Board of Directors takes no action during the meeting at which they are informed of that decision.

J. For requests in excess of $1,001, the Special Appropriations Committee shall make recommendations to be approved by the Board of Directors.

K. Funds shall not be granted for any Registered Student Organization that attempts to circumvent the rules of Special Appropriations.

L. The Finance and Budget Director shall keep record of each Registered Student Organization who has requested from the Special Appropriations Fund. These records will be kept at least for the next five years following a request.

M. The maximum amount of money any Registered Student Organization may receive in total each year, including all requests, shall be proposed by the Special Appropriations Committee and set within the ASUW Budget.

SECTION 11: Procedures for Requesting and Allocating Funds from Special Appropriations

A. All funding must be allocated as outlined below:

1. The Registered Student Organization must consult with a Student Activities Advisor regarding the event. This meeting must occur at least two weeks before the event date, unless written permission is given by the Finance and Budget Director.

2.Attendance by a representative of the Registered Student Organization at a meeting of the Special Appropriations Committee is mandatory before the Special Appropriations Committee shall consider the request.

3. Attendance by a representative of the Registered Student Organization at the Board of Directors meeting where the appropriation is considered may be requested by any member of the Board of

B. Special Appropriations funds will be allocated to events occurring during specific quarters as follows: Autumn- 30%, Winter- 30%, Spring- 40%. If not all funds assigned to a specific quarter are used, they may carried forward into the remaining quarters.

C. All requests must be submitted to the Finance and Budget Director using RSO Community uws-community.symplicity.com.

D. Appropriate estimates must be included for all monies requested.

SECTION 12: Stipulations and Regulations Regarding Special Appropriations

A. The Special Appropriations Committee and/or the Board of Directors may place stipulations on the use of funds. Stipulations shall be binding and in accordance with Washington Administrative Code (WAC).

B. All Registered Student Organizations using ASUW funds shall abide by University, State, and Federal Policies outlined in the ASUW Guide, Policies, and Procedures Manual and be subject to the following set of regulations; failure to follow these regulations may result in a suspension of funding:

1. ASUW funded events must have students involved in the earliest stages of planning. Events which are initiated and/or controlled by faculty, staff, or the general public will not be funded by the ASUW;

2. Any events or activities funded wholly or partially by the ASUW must adhere to the ASUW requirements on publicity, location, revenue, etc.;

3. No operating budget shall be funded for any Registered Student Organization. Operating budget include, but are not limited to, general office supplies, salaries, telephones, and telephone-related charges;

4. Honorariums shall not be appropriated for resource people who are on the University payroll as staff or faculty;

5. All events and projects funded partially or totally with ASUW funds must use the word “ASUW” in speaker introductions, must publicly acknowledge their connection with the ASUW, and must include the ASUW logo and the Americans with Disabilities Act statement in all print and electronic advertising and promotional materials;

6. The ASUW shall provide standard authorization forms for all services which have been authorized by the Special Appropriations Committee or the Board of Directors. Failure to use these forms will negate the ASUW’s responsibility to pay for any unauthorized expenditure; ASUW Bylaws 2013-2014 31

7. A Registered Student Organization must inform the Special Appropriations Committee of any outside funding that has been obtained or is being sought to complement funds received from Special Appropriations;

8. All ASUW-sponsored events charging admission shall utilize the Husky Union Building (HUB) ticket crew;

9. All tickets, passes, or other admission devices shall be drawn through the Husky Union Building Ticket Office. Tickets, passes, and admission devices obtained in any other manner shall not be honored for events involving ASUW funds;

10. A portion of the total profit from the funded event will be given back to the ASUW;

a. The ASUW shall receive the portion of profit defined as revenue from ticket sales minus the cost of the event paid by the Registered Student Organization;

b.ASUW shall not recoup more money than the amount allocated by Special Appropriations for the event;

c. Revenue from ticket sales shall not be returned to Registered Student Organization until the appropriate portion of the total profit is recovered by the ASUW;

d.ASUW reserves the right to recuperate revenue before other co-sponsorships;

e. Profit returned to the ASUW shall be added to the available funds of the Special Appropriations Fund for the following academic year;

11. If a Registered Student Organization overspends its allocation for an event, the overrun shall be paid in full by the Registered Student Organization.

12. An event evaluation must be completed by the Registered Student Organization within four weeks following the completion of a funded event, or by the end of the current school year, whichever comes first. The event shall be submitted using the Special Appropriations Online Interface.

13. A complete budget for all co-sponsored events must be submitted to the ASUW. Records documenting final expense and revenue figures must be submitted as part of the event evaluation.

14. Only written contracts shall bind ASUW funds and only when signed by the Student Activities Director or their designated representative. Students shall be directed to not make verbal contracts. These shall not bind ASUW funds.

15. All ASUW purchases shall be completed through the University of Washington Purchasing Department through the Student Activities Office.

If you have any questions, please email your SAO Advisor or the Director of Programming at asuwbdpg@uw.edu.

Thank you and we look forward to your application!