ASUW Finance & Funding

How To Apply

The 2021-2022 Special Appropriations Fund is now OPEN!!!

Applying for Special Appropriations is very straightforward and there are a lot of people ready to support you on your way to receiving funds.

  1. REVIEW. Take a look and make sure you understand all the funding guidelines and policies prior to applying. Your SAO Adviser can help you with any questions you have.
  2. DOWNLOAD. Download all of the applicable forms you will need to complete your application for Special Appropriations.
  3. COMPLETE. Work with members of your RSO to fill out the appropriate forms and prepare your application. Note: if you are applying for multiple funding sources for one event, only one Event Budget Planning Worksheet is required.
  4. SUBMIT. Email your completed form(s) to saofunds@uw.eduNote: All forms must be typed and submitted via email. Please let your SAO Adviser know if you need assistance completing the forms.
  5. SCHEDULE. Reach out to your SAO Adviser and book a meeting to discuss the details of your event. Your application will be reviewed by the committee once you have met with your SAO Adviser. Note: When you meet with your SAO Adviser, bring facility confirmations, updated budgets and any other details about your event.
  6. PRESENT. Once we have been notified that your application is complete and that you’ve met with your SAO Adviser, your RSO will receive an invitation from us to present your request to the ASUW Finance and Budget Committee. The invitation will include the date and time your RSO will be placed on the meeting agenda. You must respond to the invitation as soon as possible to confirm your presentation date.
  7. GET FUNDS. If your RSO is approved for funding, either the Committee or your SAO Adviser will let you know! If it is not approved, the Committee will present you with the reasons for denying funding and welcome you to reapply.

If you have any questions about this process please contact your SAO Adviser or the Finance and Budget Director at